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Keeping our stories alive

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Keeping Our Stories Alive (2006)
Dir. James Allan and Charles Zhang.
Prod. Lawrence Bennett and Harold Wu.
Hosted by Harold Desmarais

A documentary film about the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives, featuring interviews with Lynne Fernie, Kyle Scanlon, Kristyn Wong-Tam, Douglas Stewart, Rick Bébout, Kyle Rae, Shyam Selvadurai, Billy Merasty, Marie Roberston, Patty Barclay, Suhail Abualsammeed, Dionne A. Falconer, Svend Robinson, and CLGA volunteers.

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Activist and journalist Rick Bébout (1950-2009) interviewed by Gerald Hannon about gay liberation and the idea of equality.

“I think equality is a hugely facile idea. Equal with what? It says nothing inherently about what you want to be, want you want to become, what you want the world to be like. You just want to be the same as the guy next door.”

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